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I'm a Professor of Finance at George Mason University's School of Business, specializing in corporate finance. My research focuses on  boards, ETF & mutual fund performance, and hedge fund activism. I also write a monthly column for the Wall Street Journal on cutting-edge research in finance, and my work has been cited in Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fortune, PBS Newshour, NY Post, USA Today, Financial Times, CNN, the Washington Post, the LA Times, and many other outlets. As a dedicated teacher, I’ve helped create and lead the first student-managed investment fund at GMU, develop numerous degree programs like GMU's M.S. in Finance and CFA tracks, and currently serve on the Board of Trade Up To Wall Street and the Washington Association of Money Managers.  Outside of the classroom, I'm an avid squash player, swimmer, and devoted fan of everything that is Reno, NV.




Hedge Fund Activism


University of Chicago

B.S., Mathematics with Specialization in Economics

ETF and Mutual Fund Performance

Board Structure and Directors

Corporate Governance


Stanford University

M.S., Financial Mathematics


University of Southern California

Ph.D., Finance and Business Economics

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