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Sep 2020   US News & World Reports: Best High Dividend Mutual Funds

Aug 2020   US News & World Reports: Adding Active Management to your Portfolio

Jul 2020   Bloomberg: People Loved Nikola but not its Warrants

Jul 2020   WSJ: For Some Stocks, Bad News is Good News

Jul 2020   Forbes: What Happens To Your ESG Investment When Money’s Tight For Others?

Jul 2020   ETF Trends: What can Risk Parity do for you?

Jul 2020   Forbes: When Might You See ESG Issues Align With Stock Performance?

Jun 2020   US News & World Reports: Index Funds in 2020

May 2020   ETF Trends: Can ETFs Persist in the ESG Space

May 2020   Fortune: Goldman Sachs Thinks a Correction is Coming Soon

May 2020   The Street: How to Make Sense of T-Bill Rates

May 2020   US News & World Reports: Considering Utility Dividend Stocks

Apr 2020   Fortune: Are we Headed for a Depression? Economists Weigh in

Apr 2020   US News & World Reports: Evaluating Stocks in a Recession

Mar 2020   NY Post: US Banks May Not be out of the Woods

Mar 2020   International Business Times: US Facing A Depression?

Mar 2020   LA Times: Tesla and the Coronavirus Impact

Feb 2020   US News & World Reports: Investing in Renewable Energy

Feb 2020   US News & World Reports: Who Will Be the Moody’s of ESG Investing?

Jan 2020   Washington Post: The NFL's Analytics Movement Has Reached the Mainstream

Dec 2019   Indianapolis Business Journal: Conventional Wisdom in Football and Finance

Dec 2019   Zacks Investment Research: Tax Loss Harvesting & Capital Gains

Dec 2019   Virginia Public Radio: Retail Jobs Drop in Virginia

Nov 2019   US News & World Reports: How to Invest in Preferred Stock ETFs

Nov 2019   Yahoo News: High Dividend Paying Mutual Funds

Nov 2019   US News & World Reports: High Dividend Funds to Own

Oct 2019   Virginia Business Magazine: Bringing in the Big Bucks

Sep 2019   WTOP DC: Government Bond Investing and It's Risks

Aug 2019   Kiplinger: Funds to Buy for Safety and Income

Aug 2019   Finance Investissement: Should We Give Less Information To Investors?

Aug 2019   US News & World Reports: What You Should Know About Market Cap

Jul 2019   US News & World Reports: When to Choose Between Mutual Funds vs. Stocks

Jun 2019   US News & World Reports: Where to Exchange Foreign Currency

Apr 2019   Financial Advisor: How Sustainable And Impact Investing Can Increase Investor Resilience

Dec 2018   Zacks Investment Research: ETFs Strategies for Retirement

Oct 2018   PBS Newshour: What You Need to Know About Saudi Investments in the US

Oct 2018   Yahoo Finance: ETFs to Play a Rate-Increase Cycle

Oct 2018   WalletHub: The Corporate Tax Rate Report

Oct 2018   Zacks Investment Research: ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, Rising Rates, Market Volatility

Oct 2018   NASDAQ: Market Volatility, ETFs/Mutual Funds, and Rising Rates

Jun 2018   Washington Examiner: How Media Mega-Mergers May Jack Up Your TV Bill

Jun 2018   Fox Business: Dynamically Adjusted Multi-Factor ETFs

May 2018   GMU News: Mason Professor Explains State of Play In Proposed T-Mobile Merger

May 2018   WFA Wealth Managers: Impatient Investors Get Caught in the ‘Return Gap’

Oct 2017   WSJ: Tracking the Logic of Dell’s Tracking-Stock Maneuver

Jan 2016   GMU News: Mason Experts Discuss Dow-DuPont Mega-merger

Nov 2015   Connecticut Financial News: GE-Electrolux Provides Rare Court Antitrust Test

Sep 2015   Connecticut Financial News: Staples-Office Depot Resolution with FTC Remains Uncertain

Jun 2015   Washington Post: Pay For Washington CEOs Outpaces Nation

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